Sterren (album)

Milio completes a busy run of recent studio success with the new single ‘Aza.’ This is the fourth release from the Dutchman in under a year and it comes bundled with the previous three EPs to form the new Sterren album on Atomnation. Milio continues to bring real craft to his sumptuous house sounds. They are stepped in lush synth-scapes and marry dreamy atmospheres with seductive house grooves. He has also debuted a new live show in the last year and is someone who crafts music on the fly using an array of vintage hardware. His fusion of classic gear and new school ideas defines his artful style and never has that been more evident than in this collection of his recent works. The album starts with the beautiful new cut ‘Aza’, a six-minute synth symphony that soars to the heavens on floating kicks and subtle dusty breakbeats. The supple chords constantly change shape and twinkle like stars with a real sense of beauty. It makes for a superbly dynamic track that moves the heart as much as the heel. The rest of this record plays out as coherently as any long player should and is defined by Milio’s luxuriant sonic signature from the pixelated chords and nagging vocal of ‘You’ to the more heads-down deep house of ‘Paradise Police’. Its cloudy pads and smeared synths colours are perfectly heady before ‘2094’ is more physical with its punchy kicks and growing sense of synth tension. ‘Suzulight’ offers more zoned-out synth house, ‘Sterren’ brings warm and comforting late-night house depths and ‘Strike’ has you staring off into the cosmos as molten arps rise and fall elegantly. ‘One More’ is dubby, techno-leaning and trance-tinged then ‘Veluw’ closes down with more thoughtful arps and chord changes that melt the heart. Sterren is a graceful, colourful collection united by Milio’s unique ability to paint such beautiful musical landscapes with his synths. released April 1, 2023